CompNet Inc. provides a wide variety of consulting services to see your business through the entire process of planning, designing, implementing, testing and maintaining systems and new technologies.  Our experienced technicians will with work  your business to utilize your existing infrastructure, and if desired functionality cannot be achieved, we will assist you in selecting the appropriate hardware and software solutions to achieve your business goals.

Data Management
Data Management

Proper data management is an essential component for business success. Every business needs a complete and reliable solution for managing all of its vital data in order to ensure availability, recovery and retention in compliance with industry and/or legal standards.
CompNet Inc. technicians will provide:

  • Data Storage Solutions
  • Data Retention and Contingency Solutions
  • Data Warehouse Solutions
  • Data Reporting Solutions

A business's infrastructure consists of devices and core systems that are essential for daily operations. This unique infrastructure is built around the goals and objectives of the business.

The experienced CompNet Inc. technicians will assist with implementing:

  • Archiving Solutions (Email / Data)  
  • Directory Services (AD / DNS / DHCP / IAS / RRAS)
  • Data Storage Solutions (SAN / NAS / DAS)
  • Email and Collaboration (MS Exchange / SharePoint)
  • Spam Protection
  • Mobile Workforce (Wireless / Mobile Devices)
  • WAN/LAN (Routers / Switches)
  • Preventative Maintenance (Systems Monitoring)
  • Security Devices (Firewalls / IDS / ISA)

In today's global community, the need for a comprehensive security solution is more important than ever. Recognizing this need, CompNet Inc. is ready to assist your organization in developing and implementing data management and security policies to safeguard vital company assets from both internal and external threats in accordance with relevant laws and regulations for your industry.   
CompNet Inc. will provide the following services:

  • Perform internal and external penetration tests to expose potential risks and vulnerabilities
  • Design and implement common WAN/LAN and wireless security practices
  • Develop and implement security policies for mobile devices
  • Implement data encryption technologies such as PGP® Whole Disk Encryption
Technical Support
Technical Support

System downtime = Business downtime
CompNet Inc.'s technicians are available to assist your business with any technical issues. Our technicians will provide support for the following:

  • Personal Desktop/Laptop Issues
  • Operating System Issues
  • Infrastructure/Network Issues
  • Virus/Malware Removal
  • Security/Audit Issues
  • Connectivity Issues

Support representatives are available 24x7x365.  Emergency rates apply during non-business hours and holidays.

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