Having a purposeful company website is your best online asset. Whether you have had a website since internet inception or are just now interested in developing one, your purpose should be clear. CompNet Inc. can help you sell your product and services, generate leads or establish your credentials by developing and integrating your website. CompNet Inc. partners with you to meet your business goals.

Web Site Design
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Web Site Design

CompNet Inc.'s web designers have the industry experience and the creative minds to develop the underlying systems that run your devices and control networks and the applications that allow you to do specific tasks on your computer or other device. We will work with you from conception through the day of your site launch customizing our services and technology to fit your budgetary allocations.

Web Site benefits:

  • Increase the Visibility of Your Business
  • Improve Your Ability to Market to Your Customers
  • Give Your Customers 24-Hour Access to Your Business
  • Highlights the Success of Your Business to Build Customer Trust
Content Management System (CMS)
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Content Management System (CMS)

CompNet Inc. will partner with you to develop or integrate your website and provide procedures to allow your business to manage this collaborative environment workflow. CMS is our lightweight, easy to use web content management system.  Powered by CMS, this computer application allows publishing, editing and modifying content, organizing, deleting as well as maintenance from our central interface. Using our CMS tools allow you to manage the content of your website right through your web browser at any time.  

CMS features:

  • Easy to use WYSIWYG editor
  • Completely database-driven website
  • Web-based administration tools
  • Search Engine Safe (SES) web page URLs
  • Automatic SiteMap creation for search bots
  • Meta Tagging for site and pages
  • Add new sections and pages to your website without a programmer
  • Expandable system allows new tools and features to be built and added to your site
  • A searchable image library for easily uploading and placing photos on your pages
  • A searchable file library for easily uploading and placing files on your pages
  • CMS is easy to learn and quick to implement.
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E-Commerce is a complete dynamic online store solution available in versions for small business', professional organizations and enterprise level operations.  E-Commerce's powerful suite of tools provides the means to streamline online ordering and delivery of products and services to your customers.

E-Commerce's capabilities and benefits:

  • Update your store using only your web browser
  • Secure, real-time credit card transactions
  • Put focus on new products and best sellers by making them 'Featured Products'
  • Advanced Pricing Features and Repeat Customer Benefits
  • Cross-Sell associated products
  • Scalable and Customizeable as you go
  • Works with your website design
Mobile Applications
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Mobile Applications

Add, or better yet, integrate a mobile face into your internet presence.

Whether it is a standalone mobile tool, or brochure; or a fully database-integrated mobile window into your products and services, a mobile component is becoming an essential and even expected piece of the puzzle.

Simple games can be used as a fun way to drive home your message as well.

Android and iOS solutions can be created for tablets, smartphones, or laptops; allowing you to reach the vast majority of the mobile market today.

Adherence to the look and feel of your online site will be carried through into the mobile solution, ensuring a consistent experience for your customers.

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